Grasp the invisible
Yang et al., ICRA'22
Liang et al., ICRA'21
Yang et al., RA-L'20
Yang et al., ICRA'21

Welcome to the Choice Robotics Lab website! The lab is located in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota (UofM), Twin Cities. The lab name CHOICE stands for Cleverly Helping rObots In Challenging Environments (CHOICE). It also informally means Choi's lab following the PI's last name. 

The long-term research goal of our lab is to design computational learning models that enable robots to 

  1. perceive the world, 
  2. understand tasks, and
  3. perform manipulation skills 

so that society benefits from affordable, reliable labor forces. Toward this long-term goal, we study object graspingmanipulationobject perceptionreinforcement learning, and their novel combinations (see Research for details).